ECCO: With Nebim V3’s Fast Analysis Capability, We Can Make the Right Decisions and Easily Reach Our Retail Targets

Danish shoe brand Ecco, which offers stylish designs without sacrificing comfort and quality, manages all its business processes with Nebim. Ecco’s General Manager Deniz Necati Erda, Finance Director Anders Bak, and Senior Merchandiser Cengiz Kırgezen shared their views on the Nebim V3 project transition.

Could you briefly introduce your company?

Deniz Necati Erda – General Manager of Ecco Middle East and Africa

“We are simply pure shoemakers. We have 6 shoe and 4 leather factories all over the world. In Ecco, we are managing all processes from scratch, which means from the leather to till the end, to the consumer. Almost 210 hands touch the shoes. We have more than 55 nationalities in the company and more than 20,000 people. It means we are a multinational company; we have multinational culture. Also, we are reaching 99 countries now in 2022.”

Can you explain how you manage the process with the Nebim V3 application and how it works? 

Anders Bak – Finance Director of Ecco Middle East and Africa

“We own the process from the leather to the shoe, and when it comes to end-customization Ecco historically has been more wholesale than retail, but what Ecco wants to do more now has become retail also. We have been very successful in many other countries. When Nebim comes in we were expanding and buying retail operations here in the UAE and of course when you need to run a retail business that’s a lot of details. Retail is detail and this is where the Nebim V3 comes in. Honestly, there has been an implementation process that has been based in Turkey. We know the Nebim team has been in an acceptable process, but what we see now with the live data that we are getting through the Nebim system is that we have completely different and increased insight into the business, and we can take very good decisions from one day to the other. Being used to very limited data with maybe weeks or months delay, we can now take lightning-speed where it was necessary for UAE.”

Could you please share your suggestions based on your experiences while implementing this project? 

Cengiz Kırgezen – Senior Merchandiser of Middle East and Africa

“It has been a very different experience for me because of different cultures and timings. But I think that the successful study emerged as a result of the divergent efforts of both employees in the operation team and here our friends in the Nebim team. Teamwork is very important. The team joined the meeting from England, Dubai, and Turkey. Here was 11 o’clock, but in London, it was 7 o’clock. 4 hours difference is a very interesting experience for our business. We created a very interesting project with a successful plan and very good teamwork with Nebim, Ecco Denmark HQ, and some Turkish friends who joined the project.”

You have been using Nebim V3 via dashboards for a long time and now we have added the data for the Dubai stores as well. Now you will be able to view retail sales information which also contained much information like store inventory, traffic count, product, customer information, and many others for Dubai stores as well. What do you think are the most important benefits of the Nebim V3 application?

Deniz Necati Erda – General Manager of Ecco Middle East and Africa

“The team did a great job from the scratch. They created a nice implementation and zero problems. This is teamwork. They always say that retail is detail. Nowadays we have another quotation “If cash is the king, data is the queen.” The numbers, KPIs, and data tell this story. The story is retail and that’s why if you would like to manage a successful retail business, we must have all kinds of data and we must deep-dive into all kinds of the necessary data. In Turkey with our Nebim system, we can see every single detail. That’s why we would like to implement the same success story in the Middle East and Africa region and then be UAE’s first test market for the Middle East and Africa. The UAE transition is finished. We have all the data since February 2022 and the most important part is that we didn’t have any problems while implementing the system. Nebim V3 is working very well, and we have already improved the Power BI and changed some reports related to the retail team. The Nebim team implement it in a very quick time, and we are getting nice Power BI data which means we are reaching on time from the laptop and desktop. We are reaching all kinds of data. It means we have the data and are aware of what we are doing. Because again detail is important for retail. Another point from the scratch, if the plan is good and you executed it properly, it means it is not finished yet, after the execution, you must have a follow-up. Plan, execution, and follow-up are very important for our mentality and our company culture. But these three steps worked very well for the transformation with the Nebim in UAE. We are reaching all kinds of data on time, this is a mirror for our business, and easily understandable for what is going on in the field.”

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